Subir kushari

It is a matter of great pleasure that the Bangladesh-India Friendship Society is launching it's new website. This will contribute of closer ties and lead to greater interaction between the people of India and Bangladesh.

Over the last forty years, The Bangladesh-India Friendship Society, Which was established by a join decison of Prime Minister of Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, has been steadfast in it's commitment to creating a congenial atmosphere for enhanced interaction and better understanding between civil society. Literary and cultural organization of India and Bangladesh.

I am glad that the society is upgrading its outreach potential using modern technology and means of communication. This will enable it to respond to the needs of its growing members, the expanding base of India-Bangladesh friendship and to the new generation of Indians and Bangladeshis.

I am sure the the frienship society spread its message of peace. brotherhood and goodwill and make active contribution to the social and economic development of both countries, using the latest technology.

I compliment the Bangladesh-India Friendship Society for taking this initiative, and wish it all success.

Thanking you

Pankaj Saran
High commision of India, Dhaka